Prague Biennale 3

participants: Kajsa Dahlberg {swe}, Milica Tomič {serbia}, Sanja
Ivekovič {cro}, Little Warsaw {hu}, Keiko Sei {j}, Alexander Kiossev

Karlin Hall- Thámova 8, Praha, Česká Republika
24.5. – 16. 9. 2007

The installation model Fragment #5 is part of the Prague Biennale – one
of the largest exhibitions in Central Europe and currently taking place
for the third year since its inception. The installation was filled
with an attempt at an inductive processing of “transformation” based on
individual testimony and definitions by various writers.

Kajsa Dahlberg {swe}
Kajsa Dahlberg is interested in the format of the stereo image - the
two eyed camera- as a tool for investigating the production of an
image; a specific place and moment in time. These photographs, because
of the fact that they are two, bear with them an inherent narrative;
they are a moment in time –doubled. First of them was taken in Libri
Prohibiti (The Library for Prohibited Books) while Mariana Serranová
and Jiří Gruntorád discussing the most widespread samizdat publication;
Orwell´s 1984. The other photo show the Prague Metronome.
The installed artwork of hers A Room of One´s Own/A Thousand Libraries
is a compilation of marginal notes made by the readers in the library
editions of "Ett Eget Rum" by Virginia Woolf.