Société anonyme

participants: Tomáš Vaněk (CZ) and 35 books - diaries from czech writers, poets, artists and politicians

Le Plateau Gallery, Place Hannah Arendt, Paris (FR);
14.3.-13.5. 2007

Particip no. 58 / contribution to the Transformation Monument
In the beginning there was a table which inspired us. It needed some kind of explanation and here we see the next attempt. This is the second sequence- the first was completed by Zbyněk Baladrán in the context of his exhibition Monument Transformation, fragment no. 3.
The table indicates the denominate quality of various aspects of time in relation to the specific time axis. In the beginning I attempted to give this time axis a name and the term “Persistence” was put forward. In the end, however, I intersected the table with my axis suggesting some kind of personal intervention into the game with time as an expression of personal suffering and intimate quality. For me this quality takes on the form of a daily record – a diary. Diaries serve as frozen qualities of intimate time. Frozen in exactly the same way as the intersecting points on this table. Here we see such frozen diaries written by Czech poets, philosophers, writers and travellers who, through their work, represent the axis of specific intimacy expressed by personal time, the axis which I was thinking about when I cut through the table