Communism Never Happened / Vocabulary

participants: Aristide Antonas /gr/, a Armarcequi /sp/, Anri Sala /al/, Yael Bartana /il/,
Fernando Sanchez Castillo /sp/, Andris Brinkmanis /lv/, Artur Zmijewski /pl/, Slavoj Žižek /slo/, /, Zbyněk Baladrán /cz/, Keiko Sei /j/, Alexander Kiossev /bg/, Chantal Mouffe /uk/, Aristide Antonas /gr/, Antonio Grulli /it/, Keiko Sei /j/, Alexander Kiossev /bg/, Chantal Mouffe /uk/, Ciprian Mureşan /ro/

tranzit workshops, Studená 12, Bratislava, SK,
5.6. – 26.7.2008

The theme of Fragment # is the idea of a DICTIONARY or GLOSSARY – that is, a collection of significant terms defining a certain field of knowledge. Relatively recently, as a result of a study of methods of transformation, we decided that a key methodical starting point for the MT project would be a dictionary and its adaptation into book, video, exhibition and speech forms, to name a few. We find the DICTIONARY project's non-linear, multi-method organization to be exceptionally suitable, as it makes it possible to develop usage on different levels, in layers and themes that need not have one globalising, governing hypothesis apart from the transformational identity itself. The dictionary can be contradictory and contain different definitions of both theoretical and artistic processes that stand in relations of tension and disagreement. Thanks to its open character, it is amenable to constant additions; it precludes a linear reading and generates hypertextuality – dynamic links in the construction of the text.