Auditorium, Stage, Backstage – An Exposure in 32 Acts

participants: Zbyněk Baladrán (CZ), Pavel Humhal (CZ), research
materials focused on the topic of “architecture of the information” –
images, articles, etc.

Frankfurter Kunstverein, Steinernes Haus am Römerberg, Frankfurt am Main (G),
13.12.2006 - 04.03.2007

The project Auditorium, Stage, Backstage – An Exposure in 32 Acts was
developed by the network tranzit for the platform Speaking of Others at
the Frankfurter Kunstverein. Speaking of Others is the general title of
a program intended to address contemporary art and discursive practice
that move away from the conventional exhibition format. The goal is to
find another angle from which to present art and also to open a
conversation around different working methods in the contemporary art
The presentation consist of works by several artists, which will change
their positions between the areas of the auditorium, the stage and the
backstage on the second floor of the Frankfurter Kunstverein during the
exhibition period. Through this mode of display, objects, performative
works and temporary presentations will appear in different

The project leaders: Georg Schollhammer (Austria), Boris Ondreicka
(Slovakia), Vit Havránek (Czech Republic) and Dóra Hegyi (Hungary)

Artists: Béla Balázs Studio film-program, Egon Bondy, Josef Dabernig,
Guillaume Désanges (with Frédéric Cherboeuf), Orshi Drozdik, Róza
El-Hassan, Miklós Erdély, Stano Filko, Free School for Art Theory and
Practice, Jef Geys, Tibor Hajas, Josef Hiršal, Hamlet Hovsepian and
many more,...