Long-term Environment /2007 – 2009/

participants: Zbyněk Baladrán /cz/, Sanja Ivekovič/cro/, Milica Tomič /serbia/, Little Warsaw /hu/, Vangelis Vlahos/gr/, Zbyněk Baladrán /cz/, Kajsa Dahlberg /swe/ Keiko Sei /j/, Alexander Kiossev/bg/, Aristide Antonas /gr/, Antonio Grulli /It/, Chantal Mouffe /uk/ …….

Monument to Transformation, tranzitdisplay gallery, Dittrichova 9, Prague, Czech Republic, www.tranzitdisplay.cz
2007 - 2009

Since 2007 we are constructing a permanent installation and an archive accessible to the public on a daily basis in the tranzitdisplay gallery (where we are provided with production and discussion facilities). The installation is made up of works of art (captions of artwork see below), archival materials and books which will continuously be supplemented and changed and will thus create a unique environment for intellectual reflection on the topic. All discussion platforms, lectures and meetings will take place like here and the results will become part of the installation and archive. Our perspective goal is to expand, transform and reinstall Monument to Transformation until at least 2009.

Little Warsaw
Made in West-Germany (Communication Booth_model), 2007
Paper, black marker, yellow oil crayon, cut and fold, dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist
Sanja Ivekovic
Our Flag (A Flag is a Flag is a Flag), 1990-2007
Video projection, 400 x 300 cm
Courtesy the artist
Milica Tomic
Politics of Memory, 2007
Multimedia, 192cm x 90cm x 128 cm
Courtesy Discussion about an Artwork group, Belgrade

Kajsa Dahlberg
Taking a photo of Mariana Serranová and Jiří Gruntorád at Libri Prohibiti, 2007
Stereo photograph, 84 x 42, 84 x 42, 42 x 42 cm
Courtesy the artist