Kajsa Dahlberg

Kajsa Dahlberg was interested in the format of the stereo image - the two eyed camera- as a tool for investigating the production of an image; a specific place and moment in time. These images, because of the fact that they are two, bare with them an inherent narrative; they are a moment in time –doubled. One shot at Libri Prohibiti (The Library for Prohibited Books) while Mariana Serranová and Jiří Gruntorád discussing the most widespread samizdat publication; Orwell´s 1984. The other image, partly cut, show the Prague Metronome.

The second artwork of hers is A Room of One´s Own/A Thousand Libraries. A compilation of marginal notes made by the readers in the library editions of "Ett Eget Rum" by Virginia Woolf."A Room of One´s Own" was originally printed in October 1929 by Hogarth Press, England.