Residing in archives


Having agreed to work on a project that remembers while it continues to change (as a monument, it must continue to remember something which may continue to change), let us start by clarifying a fact which is related to the kind of monument we are dealing with and which is of particular interest: the vigilance evoked by the collective work under construction may thematize oblivion and the inner impetus which - in a way - suspends memory, and not so much the object itself to be monumentalized, which, in this case, by definition, eludes us.

Through a monument of this kind we are asking more to remember forgetting rather than something which must remain indelibly etched somewhere; we are asking to remember something which was destined to be forgotten: and the way in which we ask to remember something that was destined to be forgotten is completely different to the way in which we usually ask to remember events that merit monumentalization.