Monument to Transformation

Conference – Monument to Transformation
Tranzitdisplay gallery, Dittrichova 9,  Prague 2, Czech Republic
10 – 11 July 2009
Exhibition and worskhop is organized by transit and the Prague City Gallery
General partner: ERSTE Stiftung

This workshop is part of the wider “Monument to Transformation” project. It is being held within the framework of the most extensive exhibition organized to date at the Prague City Gallery (1,200 m2, for more information on the exhibition see Appendix 1), on the occasion of the publication of the Czech version of the Transformation Atlas ( for a listing of dictionary entries and contributors, see Appendix 2).

The main theme of the conference is that the experiences of countries which have undergone transformation processes (Eastern Europe, Greece, Portugal, Indonesia, South Korea and certain Latin American countries, such as Uruguay, Chile and Argentina) are comparable from a new geographic perspective. The comparison will be carried out by a group of authors and panel participants based on both analyses and subjective interpretations of the entries in the Transformation Atlas.

The conference will also include contributions showcasing the plurality of methodological and imaginative approaches used by the creative forces behind the project.

The aim of the book is to create a systematic list of dictionary entries which may serve as a tool for understanding the social and political changes that have taken place in countries considered – by themselves or by others – to have undergone significant transformations. The book, published in Czech, comprises over 200 basic entries and key terms related to processes of transformation. Several dozen authors from a variety of regions have contributed to it. In addition, certain important historic texts will be published in it once again.