10 stories that make people smile with suspicious and complicity

Karlin Studios, Krizikova 34, Prague, Czech Republic
Tuesday 22.05.07 4p.m.

A conference presented a selection of his collection of stories and metaphors that gave the frame to present some of his previous works related with travel, chance and coincidence. It was the creation of a diagram that related non connected subjects like "the life of a croupier in Buenos Aires" to the "creation of false bills" in order to answer questions like: What is mechanical reproduction? What is a sequence? What is edition? WHAT IS an idea _ a sign _ a symbol _ a signifier _ power _ a transmitter _ a copy _ an original _ history _ the final story _ narrative coherence _ an archive _ the rule of the game _ a player _ translation _ a personality and its creator.

Mexican artist Eric Beltran friendly talk has connection with his future project for Monument to Transformation –exhibition in our new tranzit/display space.