Konstituční koncept výstavy (pracovní schůzka)

Constitution meeting, Murcia 5-8/6/2010

The idea of the meeting is to submit subjective/collective theoretical thoughts, ideas, dreams hopes about an exhibition to a common consideration and on the other hand to do the same with the practical and everyday mechanisms of a biennale exhibition,
and curators hope that such a process could lead towards a manifesto or a similar text that would stipulate specific principles of the exhibition. This text would have not only a proclamative dimension but first of all would serve as a legal interface in between the artist / the artists / curatorial collective / manifesta managment/public ... or it could create an unattended social-symbolic bodies, or ...

Artists will prepare or contribute with any kind of presentation or material and also in the attachment you will find for your information a short description of all projects that may serve you for a better orientation,

Contrarily to what has been said at the meeting curators stay completely open (curators dont feel a necessity of fulfill any of here mentioned “goals”) because they trust that they will be able to find the real goals and necessities in a common discussion that will take place in Murcia

...some Constitutional Thoughts